G-MOTOR Health Technology was established in 2004,the leading manufacturer of linear drives/lifting motors in China

The company specializes in linear drives, bidirectional self-generators, AC variable frequency motors, lift motors, gear motors, etc. The products are widely used in fitness equipment (treadmills, spinning bikes), smart homes (lifting beds, massage chairs, lifting tables, electric sofa, window opener, door openeretc.), vending machines, medical equipment (medical beds, dentist beds, nursing beds, etc.), automated industry and agriculture, etc.

◆High Quality Permanent magnet DC Motor Or Single-phase Asynchronous AC Motor     

◆Inner Tube Cammat Ne Turned Freely  

◆Precision Injection High Quality Plastic Gear

◆Pull:500Kgs Max 

◆Built-in Thermal Protection Device     

◆Built-in Limit Switches    

◆Built-in Limit cam    

◆Built-in Brand Potentiometer(BOURNS)        

◆Stroke Length 250~1200mm Optional / Adjustable        

◆Noise Below 58dB (A), Measurement Method Press DS/ EN/ISO3746, Drive Not Loaded

◆Protection Level IP66

◆High Quality Aluminum Alloy High Precision Die Casting Gear Box And Mounting Seat        

◆High Quality Tubes, Special Materials And Baking Paint, High Strength Outer Tube 45mm

◆Professional Design, Compact Structure, Beautiful Appearance, Easy Installation  And Operation

Technical Data:
Project Parameter
Outline Size 158*87*194.5
Total Length L Stroke Length L1+270mm
Linear Speed 2.1~8.0mm/s(No Load)
Voltage AC 110~220V/DC 24~36V
Power 80W
Rated Load 400Kg
Voltage Resistance Test 1800VAC/3Ses/<1mA
Duty Cycle 10%(1 ON 9 OFF)
Sensor None/Potentiometer/Relay
Livestock Farm


Dimension Drawing:

Order Format:

Mounting Seat(Dimension Drawing):



Front Connector (Dimension Drawing):

Performance Data:
    ★   AC 110~120V, 50/60Hz                       ★    DC 24V                                 
           Speed1:4.2mm/s (No Load)                    Speed1:6mm/s (No Load)                                
           Speed2:2.1mm/s (No Load)                    Speed2:3mm/s (No Load)                                
    ★   AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz                        ★   DC 36V                                
           Speed1:4.2mm/s (No Load)                    Speed1:8mm/s (No Load)                                
           Speed2:2.1mm/s (No Load)                    Speed2:4mm/s (No Load)                              
Front Connector (Dimension Drawing):