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Planetary reducer according to the accuracy and use occasions

  • 时间:2022-05-30
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Planetary reducer according to the accuracy and use occasions

Planetary reducer can be divided into PLE series and PLS series according to the accuracy and application occasions. PLE type reducer is suitable for a wide range of industrial occasions, while PLS type reducer is suitable for high-precision occasions such as military industry. The number of sets can be divided into one-level, two-level and three-level planetary reduction, and the reduction ratio can be realized from 3 to 512;

It can work continuously between -25 degrees and 100 degrees, and can reach 120 degrees in a short time. The protection level of PLE series reducer is IP54, and the protection level of PLS ​​series reducer is IP65.

1. The gear surface is ultra-precisely ground to make the gears more optimal, frictional resistance and vibration are smaller, the transmission efficiency of the whole machine can reach 98%, the noise at high speed is lower than 55DB, and the maximum input speed is 10000 rpm , the minimum backlash is less than 1 arc minute.

2. Transition flange technology In order to meet the requirements of different users, the company specially developed a professional transition connection flange. This patent enables the reducer to be matched with any motor from any manufacturer, and the assembly time is only one minute.

3. The gear surface is hardened and its life is far longer than that of the matched motor. High-quality bearings are selected, and the casing of the reducer is treated with a special process, which increases the force and vibration capacity of the input shaft and the output bearing and prolongs the service life.